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Inviting Light Inside Your Home

Inviting Light inside Your Home near Fairfax, Virginia (VA) including Sheers, Shadings, and More

During the summer months, many people are interested in finding new ways to allow natural light to gently fitter inside their residence. Taking this step can not only make any room feel larger, but it can also bring new energy to the space. At Window Decor of Fairfax, our design experts can help you learn more about our collection of Hunter Douglas products that can work wonders when it comes to inviting light inside your home.

One option that you may want to think about when inviting light inside your home is adding sheers and shadings to the windows inside your residence. These beautiful window fashions can easily upgrade any living area and help you take advantage of the extra sunlight during these specific months of the year.

The first product you may want to contemplate is Hunter Douglas' Silhouette® Window Shading. These feature soft S-shaped vanes can be tilted to varying degrees. Not only is this feature useful for allowing different amounts of light inside your home, but it can also be beneficial if you are looking for added privacy as well. Additionally, these can also block up to 88% of the sun's potentially-harmful UV ways, which can help you protect any valuables or furniture inside the space.

As for customizing Silhouette® Window Shadings, these can be tailored to fit your individual design goals in a range of ways. We proudly offer a wide assortment of fabrics, textures, and more, which means that you can certainly find something to fit whatever vision you may have. Colors such as Capri, Pesto, and Soft White can add excitement to your room as you go about inviting light inside your home during the summer months.

Pirouette® Window Shadings are another idea that could be right for you. These also feature S-shaped vanes that can be titled according to your preferences, but they are slightly different from the Silhouette® in that they are attached to a single backing instead of placed between two sheers. Bold colors, such as Ballet and Luxe, can also give you interesting ways to change your residence’s interior as you start inviting light inside your home.

In addition to the aforementioned Hunter Douglas offerings, you may instead be looking for a way to blend the natural world with your home's aesthetic. If so, Provenance® Woven Wood Shades could be just what you've been searching for as you begin inviting light inside your home. Not only are these inherently durable thanks to the intentional weaving techniques that are used during the creation process, but they too can allow light to beautifully filter into any room inside your household.

If you would like to find out more about inviting light into your home, please get in touch. We are located at 11213 Lee Hwy Ste B in Fairfax, VA and can be reached by phone at 703-352-2588. Our service area also extends out into Arlington, Ashburn, Leesburg, Alexandria, Fairfax County, and Loudoun County, VA, so we can help you wherever you may be located. Contact us today to begin your home's transformation. We look forward to hearing from you.