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Adding Color To Your Windows

If you want to change your decor this winter, you might want to think about adding color to your windows. Taking this step is a great way to add a pop of excitement to your residence, which can go a long way in terms of redirecting the energy and infusing the room with new visual interest. To start redesigning your home, consider working alongside our specialists at Window Decor of Fairfax. Together, we can create the perfect window treatments for any part of your home.

Duette® Honeycomb Shades near Fairfax, Virginia (VA)

New window treatments may be the color pop you're looking for! One of our favorite treatments is the Duette® Honeycomb shade for those looking for a simple way to pair energy efficiency with style. Thanks to their unique cellular design, these Hunter Douglas offerings will effectively begin working to limit unwanted heat transfer- the reduction in heat transfer helps create a cozier atmosphere during the winter. Studies have shown that a considerable amount of your home's energy can be lost through poorly-outfitted windows, so putting these into place can make a noticeable dent in your energy bills and consumption for the foreseeable future.

As for the color options, we proudly offer a wide assortment of looks that many pique your interest. With everything from Indigo Mood to Linen, we are happy to put our years of experience to work for you as we customize your ideal window fashions. Adding color to your windows will be a highly personalized experience from beginning to end. We also offer a range of pleat sizes, textures, fabrics, and more. As for where you can place your new Duette® Honeycomb Shades, feel free to consider everything from traditional windows to trickier skylights.

If you want to have the option to adjust the level of light and privacy throughout the day, ask us about our selection of Silhouette® Window Shadings. The S-shaped vanes, positioned between two sheer panels, can be tilted to varying degrees, so you can easily invite higher or lower amounts of sunlight into your home as you wish. Many of our fabrics even offer a level of UV protection, so feel free to ask us about all of our entries within our catalog if you have specific goals in mind at this time. Once you have finalized your decision, you can then consider adding color to your windows thanks to our range of looks, such as Capri, Pesto, and more.

Of course, our collection of Hunter Douglas products extends beyond the options mentioned above. Whether you hope to integrate roman shades, woven woods, or automation, we are here to help you find just what you've been seeking. To learn more about adding color to your windows, feel free to stop by our showroom. You can find us at 11213 Lee Hwy Ste B in Fairfax, VA. Our phone number is (703) 352-2588. Our service area includes Arlington, Ashburn, Leesburg, Alexandria, Fairfax County, and Loudoun County, VA. Contact us today to begin transforming your decor.

We look forward to hearing from you.