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The Best Arched Window Treatments for Your VA Home

Arched windows, characterized by their curved top, have maintained popularity throughout the years due to their timeless elegance. Beyond their visual appeal, arched windows offer benefits such as increased sunlight diffusion and a sense of openness in rooms. Despite their unique shape, arch window coverings are essential for privacy, light control, window decoration, and temperature regulation. Let's explore some arch window treatment options perfect for your VA home.

Hunter Douglas arched window treatments in a living room near Fairfax, VA

Motorized Arched Window Shades for Ease of Operation

Motorized shades are the best window coverings for large windows, including large arched ones. Instead of using that hard-to-reach cord, you can operate motorized shades with the touch of a remote or simple voice command. Without a doubt, these arch window treatments offer unmatched convenience and practicality. Further, since motorized shades do not have visible hardware or cords, they provide a sleek solution that complements the architectural beauty of the arch.

Arched Wood Shutters for a Customized Fit

Crafted from high-quality hardwood, Hunter Douglas Heritance® Wood Shutters are easily tailored to the unique contours of arched windows. The wood's natural warmth and rich textures contribute to a classic trend, creating an inviting atmosphere perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and home offices. Moreover, their adjustable louvers offer precise control over privacy and sunlight, allowing you to find the perfect balance between a well-lit interior and a private sanctuary.

When you choose Hunter Douglas products, you'll select sustainability since the company sources its products from responsibly managed forests. Hunter Douglas works with many different worthy organizations, championing their efforts to give back to the community and the planet.

Sheer Valances for an Accentuated Arch Window Covering

Sheer fabric valances are lightweight translucent window treatments that soften the architectural lines of the arched window, creating elegance in any space. They effortlessly diffuse natural light into the space while maintaining privacy. Furthermore, the clean and unobtrusive design of sheer valances works beautifully with the unique curvature of arched windows, enhancing their architectural beauty.

Arched Roman Shades for a Tailored Touch

Roman shades, such as Hunter Douglas Vignette® Roman Shades, are versatile and stylish, characterized by horizontally folded fabric that raises smoothly in overlapping sections. Their custom-designed fit makes them an excellent complement to the unique shape of arched windows. The smooth lines of Roman shades complement the graceful curves of arched windows, creating a cohesive look.

With various fabric options and customizable designs, these shades offer the perfect arch window treatment solution for any room. Moreover, these shades have excellent insulating properties and provide substantial energy efficiency, and the room-darkening fabric option effectively prevents heat gain.

Find Your Arch Window Treatments at Window Decor of Fairfax

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